The Best In Finnish Gypsy Jazz

Manala Fall Itenary Update

[UPDATE 9th Oct: the remaining club dates @ Manala are all cancelled..] Dear people - Good News & Bad News. The bad first? Ok. BAD: Due to government covid-related restrictions in distancing in public restaurants we're simply not able to accommodate as many people to Manala as we normally would. So, it's become financially impossible (again, like last spring..) to present the fabulous, awesome women of jazz & blues to you. So no glorious female singers this fall. 😢 GOOD: We're still going to go ahead with the remaining dates and the remaining band to play the hell out of this situation 🕺. You know what that means, it's going to be rockin', sweating & swinging just like only we can. So please join us in celebrating & amplifying what swing we have left in our community of humans by joining us! Our dear venue is keeping the utmost and meticulous care of everyone's safety inside the bar and outside in the terrace. SEE YOU!