The Best In Finnish Jazz Manouche

Trio Spring Season @ Manala Announced!

For this spring-semester in Manala, we're announcing new dates which are meticulously timed for the afterwork enjoyement. Now tuesdays, starting already 5pm and in tight trio-format we will take care of your swingin' soul while you're enjoying your beer, champagne, milk or maybe a pizza 🤗. And of course as always, free entry. 2023 SPRING - tuesdays @ Manala 14.02. // 21.03. // 25.04. // 23.05. Fb-event(s) 👉 here.

JAMs are Back!

Two things are making a comeback for us - Manala and the JAMs! Dig up your instruments and be sure to show up, see you later! Fridays 9pm: 9.9. - 14.10. - 11.11. - 9.12. - FREE ENTRY!

More Covid Cancellations

Ok, this is shit news but what can you do: Due to latest government covid-related restrictions the remaining club dates @ Manala are all cancelled for the time being. Open jams @ Toveri are still on, and we are in negotiations of a really cool show in a concert hall setting in december [TBA], so stay tuned & stay safe.. Also consider donating from the Paypal button on the right side of our news page.. 🤗

Manala Fall Itenary Update

[UPDATE 9th Oct: the remaining club dates @ Manala are all cancelled..] Dear people - Good News & Bad News. The bad first? Ok. BAD: Due to government covid-related restrictions in distancing in public restaurants we're simply not able to accommodate as many people to Manala as we normally would. So, it's become financially impossible (again, like last spring..) to present the fabulous, awesome women of jazz & blues to you. So no glorious female singers this fall. 😢 GOOD: We're still going to go ahead with the remaining dates and the remaining band to play the hell out of this situation 🕺. You know what that means, it's going to be rockin', sweating & swinging just like only we can. So please join us in celebrating & amplifying what swing we have left in our community of humans by joining us! Our dear venue is keeping the utmost and meticulous care of everyone's safety inside the bar and outside in the terrace. SEE YOU!

Manala Fall Itenary Announced

[UPDATE 9th Sept: Guests are sadly cancelled, but the club is still ON. See more above.] - [UPDATE 18th Aug: The first show is sadly CANCELLED due to covid-related government regulations.] - After covid-19 cancelled most of our setup last spring, here we are again - the wonderful women are coming!

Marjo Leinonen @ Manala

Marjo Leinonen blew everyone away with her interpretations on some Billie Holiday stuff!

Manala Spring Season Announced

The spring of wonderful women is upon us!

Jay Kortehisto @ Manala

Avoiding christmas songs with Jay!

Tia Cohen @ Manala

A packed house and a wonderful night with Tia Cohen and Joose Ojala!

Riku Niemi @ Manala

IMG_0675 kopio
Had lotsa fun with monsieur Riku Niemi tonight @ Manala!

William Suvanne @ Manala

We were shredding with Monsieur wiiliam Suvanne!

Mika Huusari @ Manala

The house was packed with maestro Mika Huusari!

Risto Salmi @ Manala

With master reed player Risto Salmi!

Annimaria Rinne @ Manala

Had a swell Good Friday with Annimaria Rinne last night!

Manala 2019 Itenary Announced!

Save the dates! Facebook event.

Mikael Konttinen @ Manala

Wrapped up the year in the best company w/ Mikael Konttinen!

Jammin' @ Manala

Swinging! (Photo: Gona Lehtinen)

Jimbino Vegan @ Manala

Fun jamming' with Jimbino Vegan (UK)!

Sami Saari @ Manala

The most lovely time with Sami Saari, the Finnish ambassador for soul, swing & jazz!

Antti Sarpila @ Manala

Always an honor to share the stage with Antti Sarpila!

Kalevi Louhivuori @ Manala

Well, it's been a straight flush of great trumpeteers this spring season in Manala! Had lotsa fun with Kalevi Louhivuori!

Verneri Pohjola @ Manala

Supa cool times w/ Verneri Pohjola!

Tero Lindberg @ Manala

With Mr. Golden Trumpet, Tero Lindberg!

Joakim Berghäll @ Manala

Dived into some sweet John Coltrane stuff with Joakim Berghäll!

Manala Club Fun

Despite the unfortunate illness of our guest star Risto Salmi we had a good time amongst just ourselves as a quintet!

Live Review in Helsingin Sanomat

A really cool review in Helsingin Sanomat by Katri Kallionpää!

Jukka Eskola @ Manala

Great swinging times @ Manala with the great trumpeteer Jukka Eskola!

Miihkali Jaatinen @ Manala

Supa Fun times @ Manala with Miihkali Jaatinen on Bluegrass Banjo! (Pic: Jukka Pyysing)

Autumn Manala Schedule Announced!

Manala itinerary for the upcoming autumn is being announced! This season, we're going to play, play, play & not sing, sing, sing for a change.

Marjo Leinonen @ Manala

Happy times @ Manala with Marjo Leinonen!

Pentti Lahti @ Manala

Happy times @ Manala with Pentti Lahti!

Johanna Iivanainen @ Manala

Happy times @ Manala with Johanna Iivanainen!

Sami Pitkämö @ Manala

Happy times @ Manala with Sami Pitkämö!

Manala Spring Announced

We have confirmed dates and some very, very special guests confirmed for the upcoming winter/spring-season!

Tuomo @ Manala

Happy times @ Manala with Tuomo Prättälä!

M.A. Numminen @ Manala

Happy times @ Manala with M.A. Numminen!

Aili Ikonen @ Manala

Happy times @ Manala with Aili Ikonen!